Bish reviews day-old Popeyes chicken sandwich

By 106.7 The Fan

At long last, Jason Bishop got his lips around a Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich.

Months after the sensation's August debut, Bish was gifted a sandwich from the guy re-doing his floors, and preserved it overnight so he could do a taste test live on the air Wednesday morning.

"My man Greg from Darvish Interiors," Bish shouted out his sandwich donor. "Greg came over to my house yesterday to measure for some new carpet in my upstairs bedrooms. Remember, they put the hardwood in – beautiful hardwood – and they're gonna put carpet in the other bedrooms, so he came over and he had two chicken sandwiches from Popeyes. And my wife had one, and this is the other one."

"What was Theresa's review?" Cakes asked.

"She loved it," said Bish. "Although this is the spicy and she's not a big spicy chicken fan, but she did like it. She pummeled it. Pummeled the whole thing."

"She had spicy?" asked Bickel, who has trouble listening.

"Yeah," Bish reiterated. "And this is spicy as well."

While Bish's quality control methods were questionable at best, he chose the toaster oven over the microwave for reheating purposes. Bickel was perturbed at the notion of Jason reviewing a day-old Popeyes chicken sandwich. To Bickel's chagrin, Bish plowed right through his co-host's anxiety and delivered his review anyway, tainted methodology and all.

"So out of 10, I'm gonna rate this sandwich – this particular sandwich – an eight," he said.

"That's not bad considering it's a day old!" Bickel railed. "I'm really harping on it because I don't think it's fair."

"I might have to go to Chick-fil-A, because I haven't had it in awhile," Bish ratcheted up Bickel's fears.

"Well then you've gotta wait a day, you've gotta wait a day, eat it tomorrow," groaned Bickel. "Bring in a day-old Chick-fil-A tomorrow so we can compare. Or we can maybe send Adam out and we can just do day-old sandwich reviews."

On a scale of 1-10, Jason rated the sandwich's spiciness a five: "It's not bad."