DeAngelo Hall: Skins should prepare Haskins to be starter now

By 106.7 The Fan

Former NFL defensive back DeAngelo Hall told 106.7 The Fan he wants the Washington Redskins to soon start rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

"And for me, I want the kid out there," Hall said on Grant & Danny Friday, indicating Haskins should start after the Skins bye week.

"At this point, you gotta put him out there and say, 'He's our guy,'" Hall said of Haskins. "Put all your chips in that basket. Prepare him. I mean we threw the ball 12 times (against) the 49ers, I feel like Dwayne Haskins can learn 12-15 plays, right guys?" 

Hall believes Haskins' struggles in limited action this year are due to him not having a full week to prepare as both his appearances came off the bench after Case Keenum, who took the reps in practice, left the game due to injury. Hall said Haskins hasn't looked "prepared because he hasn't been given an opportunity to prepare."

"For me to expect anything other than what we saw, you know, doesn't surprise me," Hall told Grant & Danny. "And even the bad things we saw weren't really that bad."

But Hall is concerned the rookie has struggled to look prepared this deep into his time with the Redskins and added: "none of this makes sense to me." Hall mentioned the Redskins' ability in 2018 to get Josh Johnson signed and ready to start right away as evidence it can be done.

"Because coaches coach, players play. Like this dude's not an imbecile," Hall said referring to Haskins. "He threw for 50 touchdowns in college. He can do something right. Figure out what he does right, figure out what he likes and you run with it."

Hall added once the Redskins name Haskins the starter, the responsibility falls on the coaches to prepare the rookie to play effectively.

"(Once Haskins starts) the narrative is: Well, y'all didn't coach him up. The narrative no more is: Dwayne Haskins can't get it. Or he's not doing it," Hall said. "It is your job to coach him up. Like I ultimately believe at the end of the day, if you take a guy and a coach and you put them in a room and everyone's fightin for the same goal and the same purpose they can get on the same page and with communication they can work it out." 

For Hall, the time to see what the Redskins got at No. 15 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft is here.

"If Dwayne Haskins is really gonna be your guy, you have to go out with him out there as the guy. You have to put it in his hands," Hall told 106.7 The Fan. "Because there's gonna be situations that he learns from this season, that's gonna make you a better team next year."

"Let's try to groom this quarterback and let's be a better team for it next year."

Haskins, who saw his second action of the season Thursday night in Week 8, went 3/5 for 33 yards and an interception against the Minnesota Vikings. But after the game, interim head coach Bill Callahan hinted he will stick with the veteran under center. "I do believe Case is our quarterback,” Callahan said.
Hall wants to go another way and added offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell needs to be given more room to operate as a play-caller.

"Everyone keeps raving about Kevin O'Connell. I know Kevin O'Connell is a smart guy. But I don't know if Coach Callahan is giving Kevin O'Connell full range to run his offense," Hall told 106.7 The Fan. "Kevin O'Connell is a young, energetic, innovative-minded coach. I've had conversations with him. He's not a run the football every (play), I mean, come on, Grant, let's be real here: Can we honestly think Kevin O'Connell is calling these plays? And the kind of gameplan he wants to call?"

"I want to him to groom Dwayne Haskins," Hall says of O'Connell. "I want (O'Connell) to show me, as a front office exec, that he's the right guy - whether that's to be the head coach or whether that's to still be here during the next regime change and be the offensive coordinator."

Haskins made no excuses after Thursday's loss, “I take it tough and put it on me."

“I’m competitive,” Haskins added. “If you are playing football and comfortable with losing you shouldn’t be playing football.”

When asked what advice he would give the rookie, Hall said he needs to improve his body language.

"Body language says a lot," Hall said on 106.7 The Fan. "But his body language, he just doesn't look very into it when he's not in (the game). And so I would probably say, 'You know, just get a little more body energy.'"

Hall, who admits he hasn't seen Haskins in practice and doesn't know him personally, added he would also tell Haskins to prepare each week like he is the starter and even if he doesn't get reps in practice to take mental reps.

"There's a lot this kid has to do to be an elite quarterback at this level," Hall said. "But I think, seeing him in college and seeing what I think he can be in this league, he just needs some work, man. He just needs some tough love."

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