Decision to cut Swearinger remains 'puzzling' to D-Hall

By 106.7 The Fan
The Redskins' sudden release of D.J. Swearinger last Monday has become just one of many controversial developments over the final weeks of Washington's season, one which ended on Sunday with a 24-0 loss to the Eagles.

But a week removed from Swearinger's departure, DeAngelo Hall still finds the decision to let the safety go "puzzling."

"They're just so limited, man. That's why the move to release a guy like D.J. Swearinger was so puzzling to me," Hall told The Sports Junkies Monday. "There aren't many guys who play with the energy he plays with, there aren't many guys who prepare the way he prepares."

"Is he a little abrasive and hard to deal with from time to time? Absolutely, but who isn't in this league? Who isn't hard to deal with? Just be able to sit that guy down face-to-face and really communicate what you're feeling as a coach, as an organization, I felt like should have been done."

However, Jay Gruden decided Swearinger's public criticisms of defensive coordinator Greg Manusky after the Week 16 loss to the Titans were the last straw in a series of negative remarks Swearinger made to the media during his two years in Washington. 

Nonetheless, Hall believes better communication between Swearinger and the coaching staff could have rectified the situation.

"You gotta have communication, man, and I just don't know how the situation got to where it was where you're cutting a Pro Bowl-caliber player from a roster that doesn't have many Pro Bowlers," said Hall. 

"And what happens if you fire Manusky? Was (Swearinger) right all along?" he continued. "I've been hearing so many things about a new coordinator coming in, and so it's like, maybe he was right to a certain extent."

"There's gonna be a lot more this offseason that's gonna give all of us a lot to talk about, so I can't wait to see where the chips fall."

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