'Fingers-crossed hope' at Redskins Park of a Trent Williams return Tuesday

By 106.7 The Fan

There are some people at Redskins Park who still hope left tackle Trent Williams returns to the team this week, Washington Post reporter Kareem Copeland told Erin Hawksworth on 106.7 The Fan.

"There is a fingers-crossed hope inside the building that maybe Trent rolls in (Tuesday)," Copeland said on The Fan Monday. "I'm not exactly that optimistic about that, but I know there's one last tiny bit of hope."

Head coach Jay Gruden, who said earlier he felt "very strongly" Williams would not be tradedsaid Monday he has become numb to the Williams situation.

“I have no expectations whatsoever anymore,” Gruden said. “I’m kind of numb to the fact so we’re just going to coach the guys that we have. That’s all that we can do right now.”

Overall, it is highly unlikely Williams returns this week.

"Does a couple extra dollars blow that over for you?" Copeland said of Williams' reported concerns over the Skins medical staff. "If you want those people that misdiagnosed you or the people in this building, some of those medical people gone, I don't think that's realistically going to happen, especially at this point of the season."

Last week, team president Bruce Allen said he expects Williams to play for the Skins again this season.
"Well, I think Trent's gonna play football," Allen told NBC 4 Washington.

When asked if he meant with the Skins, Allen said, "No, it will be with us."

However, days ago former Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall told Hawksworth he heard from Williams there was no chance this would happen.

"I heard those same reports, Erin, and I was kinda like, 'Wow. He's gonna show up, Trent?' Let me know," Hall said. "I had to text him: 'Hey bro, let me know before you show up so I can report it first.' And so I reached out to him, and he's like, 'There's zero chance I'll be in that building next week.'"

Earlier this offseason, 106.7 The Fan's Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman said the left tackle has told friends he's prepared to sit out the season.
Williams, who remains on the Reserve/Did Not Report list, hasn't spoken publicly since his holdout began. And until there is concrete news, speculation will continue. 

The big question remains: "What ultimately, can realistically happen that's gonna make both sides happy?" Copeland said.

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