Jay Gruden living his best life, playing in local poker tournaments

With the weight of the world off his shoulders, fired Redskins coach Jay Gruden – who was dismissed one week ago – is now "relaxed and care-free," living his best life playing in local poker tournaments.

Jason Bishop of The Sports Junkies ran into Gruden, along with his wife, Sherry, and his two sons, while playing in a house game in the Creighton Farms neighborhood of Aldie, Va. on Saturday.

"So you walk in. It's just a beautiful home," Bishop relayed the story on 106.7 The Fan Monday morning. " And so we're just having food and having some drinks, and then all of a sudden Sherry and Jay Gruden walk in. And I had thought that Jay Gruden, there was a chance he was going to be there, because he's played in it before."

"But I also heard that after he was let go by the Skins that he went down to Orlando to hang out with his parents for a couple days," he said. "But he obviously came back because he wants to play in this tournament, and his wife Sherry is a poker degenerate."

"She played in the Junkies Poker Open," John Auville noted.

"She was at my table in the Junkies Poker Open!" JP Flaim chimed.

"She loves to see flops," Jason said.

"She loves open-ended straight draws," Auville added.

"So she comes in," Bishop resumed his story. "And when I say that Jay Gruden looked as relaxed as I've ever seen him, he looked like he was just hired, just got the job, not fired. He looked so relaxed and care-free. He was having cocktails, he was talking to people, and I actually sat right next to him at the final table. Yes, I made the final table."

"Props," said Auville. "By the way, I think that's the look that anybody gets when they no longer have to work for Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen."

"And you're still getting paid by Dan Snyder," said Bishop. "Five million."

"Yeah, you're still getting paid millions of dollars," said Auville.

"Jay Gruden made the final table," Bishop confirmed. "Sherry Gruden did not make the final table. But Jay Gruden, both of his sons made the final table. The whole family was there! And I sat right next to him, and I ended up finishing seventh."

"Did you talk any shop with Jay at all?" Flaim inquired.

"You know, not really," said Bishop. "We actually talked a little sports betting."

"But the overall point," he went on, "was Jay Gruden looked as relaxed and happier than I've seen him in five years."

"Well he's still getting paid and he doesn't have to work!" said Flaim.

"Absolutely," Bishop agreed. "He doesn't have to work for that tyrant!"

By virtue of the contract extension he signed in March 2017, Gruden will remain on the Redskins' payroll through the 2020 season.

Redskins running back Chris Thompson, who revered Gruden so much as a coach that dropping to 0-5 brought him to tears, wasn't surprised to hear Gruden's bounced back so quickly from being fired. Thompson joined The Sports Junkies for his weekly appearance Monday, presented by Steamfitters UA Local 602.

"Dude, I'm telling ya. I sat next to him at a poker table and he looked so relaxed," Bishop relayed to Thompson. "He looked like he had just won the lottery, he was so happy."

"Just knowing Jay, he's one of those guys like, if I guess (in) tough situations, like he'll deal with it right away and then even sometimes not even an hour later, just a couple minutes later, it's almost like nothing even happened," Thompson said. "So that part of it doesn't surprise me at all."

"You do believe he'll be coaching next year in the NFL, right?" Bishop asked. "Maybe not a head coach. He'll be on someone's staff, probably his brothers."

"Yeah, I mean obviously I think that's what everybody thinks, like that will be probably his number one destination," Thompson said. "But I'm sure it won't be too long before he's coaching again."

As for the Redskins getting their first win of the season Sunday against the Dolphins, Thompson said, "It feels good to wake up happy."