Feinstein: Bruce Allen merely a ‘symptom’ of the Dan Snyder problem

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By 106.7 The Fan
Since news broke Wednesday the Redskins had fired three top business executives (with another resigning), fans have united behind one singular message: #FireBruceAllen.

I love these comments on the redskins tweets ❤️ #FireBruceAllen pic.twitter.com/6dX16jOdzp

— Sad Redskins Fan... HTTR (@SadSkinsFanHTTR) December 26, 2018

Every single reply to this simple press conference Twitter post is about the job status of the team President and/or coach. Every single one. I don’t know how the organization moves on from this. I don’t know how the fan base moves on from this without hearing from the owner. https://t.co/CJoWzgfcyM

— Chris Kinard (@ChrisKinard) December 27, 2018

However, John Feinstein believes Washington's problems as an organization go far beyond the team president. 

"All the fans saying, 'Get rid of Bruce Allen, get rid of Bruce Allen': Bruce Allen's not the problem, he's a sympton of the problem" Feinstein told The Sports Junkies Friday. "The problem is the owner (Dan Snyder)."

"The fact that the owner wants Bruce Allen around and continues to let Bruce Allen win these power struggles instead of saying, 'Bruce, you're my friend, go be the alumni director. I'm bringing real football people in to run the football operation.'"

"Remember a few years ago when Bruce made that ridiculous comment, 'We're winning off the field'? Winning off the field's irrelevant if you don't win on the field. And losing off the field's irrelevant if you're winning on the field."

"If you made a move and got Bruce Allen out, I think you might be able to get a GM who would make some kind of splash," Feinstein added. "But ultimately, the splash is when you get going in that draft room and draft players who can help your team." 

If Redskins fans truly want to see change, Feinstein says it must start with Dan Snyder, either altering his philosophy or selling the team.

"Everybody wants to say, 'Make this move, make that move, this will make things better.' No!" he said.

"Unfortunately, unless somebody can convince Dan Snyder to either have a complete personality change, do a complete 180 — and changing a personality doesn't mean you bring in a new PR guy who starts setting up press conferences for you where you're announcing you're giving money to charity and forcing people to come out and talk to you that way, and now he's stopped even that — unless he changes his personality completely, or turns around and says, 'You know what, I'm gonna do the right thing and sell the team,' nothing's gonna change."

"They might have an occasional, pop-up winning year, because everybody in the NFL does — even the Jets were 10-6 a few years ago — that might happen, but they're not gonna win a Super Bowl. They're not gonna win a Super Bowl until things change entirely."

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