La Canfora: Haskins has 'got no shot'


The Redskins are entering a brand new era in their first season under Ron Rivera, with a loaded defensive front bolstered by second overall pick Chase Young.

While there's plenty of reason for optimism, NFL Insider Jason La Canfora warns there's still a long row to hoe for a Redskins team that finished 3-13 last season.

In a 106.7 The Fan appearance with Chad Dukes Friday, Dukes noted how much quarterback Dwayne Haskins has going against him entering his second NFL season, with a new coach, a new offensive system to learn, along with weapons that are "still very questionable."

"You don't have a tight end," Dukes added. "There's a lot lining up against him getting a fair shake here."

"He's got no shot. I mean there is no fair shake to be had," La Canfora said. "Again, there's things going on in the world bigger than football that are certainly affecting football and affecting his career. I mean it's coach number – what – three? Another new system. Another new set of concepts. Another new set of bosses and no time to work on your craft, other than whatever you can do throwing on your own."

"And he's got no talent around him," La Canfora said. "So that's gonna be a tough assignment."

"You're not painting a pretty picture for all of us down here, Jason," Dukes said. "Some tough love being exhibited right now."

"Again, if you think it's about 2020 for the Redskins, even not in a pandemic, you're probably looking at it a little bit sideways," La Canfora said. 

At one point, Dukes noted the Redskins starting off the 2019 season 0-5, which prompted Jay Gruden's firing, while observing a similarly difficult first chunk of the 2020 schedule, in which the Redskins open against the Eagles, Cardinals, Browns, Ravens and Rams.

"They could very easily go 0-5 in that stretch as well," Dukes said. "And I don't think Ron Rivera's seat is hot at all at any point during this season, but what do you think of that first five games? And what happens if this team starts off 0-5?"

"I think it is what it is. I don't think you can obsess over it," said La Canfora. "Ron Rivera's coached before, but he hasn't coached there before. He hasn't coached this team before. He hasn't been able to even be around his staff in the building. They're gonna be at a distinct disadvantage and they have very little talent on offense whatsoever."

"They've got a quarterback who's had circumstances work heavily against him yet again, things that are out of his control," he said. "The Redskins are gonna take their lumps this year. I looked at the Redskins schedule, I looked at the Jets schedule – I'm like, you find me the patch where they win two, or three or four in a row. I just don't see it.

"But I don't think that's the end of the world, either. They have to do what the Dolphins did and some of these other teams did and find yourself picking in the top five a couple years in a row, really get that roster sorted out, and then let's see if you're a real franchise or not."