LISTEN: Chad Dukes' Redskins-Saints Rant

Photo credit Scott Clause/The Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK
Chad Dukes delivered another classic Redskins rant in the wake of their embarrassing 24-point loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football.
Highlights To Listen For
  • How embarrassing was it? They handed Drew Brees a laminate with the record on it and he had to carry it on the field. They stopped the game. You're so terrible at football that they stopped the game and brought civilians onto the field, so that everybody can play kissy face. 
  • You've had 21 years to figure this out! Who gets 21 years to do anything? If I had 21 days, like these guys are having, I'd be fired. Most of you, if you had 21 hours performing the way those a-holes did last night, you'd be out on your can. Let's give more extensions out. We're gonna reinvest. We're gonna sign our own. Great. Awesome. 
  • You know what we do? We let Andy Reid jerk our britches down and have his way with us! Every single time! I can't wait till we trade for Patrick Mahomes when he's 58! Book it! And my dumb a-- will buy a jersey! Because I was indoctrinated too early! They got me! 
  • I care about this stupid team because I watched it with my dead grandfather! How stupid am I? 
  • People like me to enable this garbage! We debate endlessly whether they should wear white pants or gold pants! They wear brown pants every week cause they crap themselves every single time they have a chance to win back-to-back games! F you! 

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