Moses: Redskins need more explosive plays, less penalties

By 106.7 The Fan

After two weeks of the season, Washington Redskins fans are frustrated with the team's rushing attack. 

With 2.5 yards per attempt and 37.5 yards per game, the Redskins have the third-worst rushing attacking in football after two weeks. Only the hapless Miami Dolphins and lowly Cincinnati Bengals are worse.

However, there were some flashes of production in the early goings of Week 2 against the Dallas Cowboys, the offense produced 43 yards on 12 carries from Adrian Peterson and Steven Sims Jr.
"I think the opportunities that we were given to run the ball, we moved the chains," tackle Morgan Moses told The Sports Junkies Monday. "I think we were successful with running the ball, but obviously when you get down a little bit you gotta start passing the ball to kinda catch-up."

"We started the game well running the ball," he added. "We had some explosive runs."

Sunday marked the return of Adrain Peterson to the lineup after he was controversially left out for Week 1, and Moses said the team did well with him in the backfield.

"I think we did well capitalizing on the plays that we were able to give him the ball," Moses said. "The rushing attack obviously wasn't what we wanted it, but at the same time when you get down you gotta throw the ball, when you get penalties you gotta throw the ball." 

And in the second half, the Skins rushed the ball just four times for five yards, with each of their three possessions coming with the Cowboys ahead by two scores.

"Dallas is a great team they got a great defense and we gotta continue figuring things out. And we gotta continue just playing ball, it takes all 11 players on the field, on the offense, to run the ball. It takes the receivers to block the right people, it takes the running back to run the ball hard, and it takes the offensive line to block, as well," Moses said. "We just gotta continue to get these schemes together."

But one issue has been the penalties on offense, especially, holding penalties. The Redskins were flagged for three on Sunday one by tight end Jeremy Sprinkle and two by guard Brandon Scherff. Many have questioned if the Redskins blocking technique is the issue.
"There's been tapes that we've been on, so-called teaching tapes of the NFL, of techniques that we use that they say are banned and things like that," Moses said on 106.7 The Fan. "And, quite frankly, when you look at it around the league everybody uses, does the same thing that we do."

"Obviously, the holding calls they are holding calls and they have stressed in the preseason that they are gonna call more holding calls," Moses said, the NFL has made offensive holding a point of emphasis for officials and holding flags are up through two weeks. "As offensive lineman what do you do? Obviously, you can't go out there and block a guy with no hands." 

While acknowledging Washington linemen may be "standing out" a bit more than others, Moses stressed the Redskins aren't doing anything unique. 

"All the offensive lineman in the league do that," Moses said of the Redskins' techniques. "If lineman tells you he doesn't hold, then he's lying."So what can the Redskins do to adjust?

"Coach (Bill) Callahan tells us, 'Man, just hey, keep playing, you can't worry about the refs. You just gotta figure it out and adjust.' But at the same time, it is frustrating for us, as well, because we work our tails off to make sure we're playing within the realm of the game."

So what can the Redskins do to adjust after falling to 0-2 on the season?

"We just need guys to make big plays," Moses told The Junkies. "If your number is called you gotta make the big play and we have to make more big plays. They made bigger plays than us on Sunday and that was the difference of the game. And we have to look ourselves in the mirror and say, "Hey, what can I do better? What can I do to put us overtop?'"

"We gotta find ways to make explosive plays," Moses added. "The five-yard catches, the seven-yard catches are not good enough right now for us. We have to start winning the explosive play category."

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