Patrick Corbin built this 9-hole mini golf course in his backyard

By 106.7 The Fan

Nationals starter Patrick Corbin isn't much of a golfer, but he's a heck of a miniature golfter.

In fact, when Corbin and his wife purchased their year-round Florida home last year, he had an entire nine-hole mini golf course constructed in his backyard.

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Corbin sat down with The Sports Junkies in West Palm Beach Tuesday morning and was asked what kind of golf game he has.

"Well, that's why I built this miniature golf course, because I'm good at that," he said. "Regular golf, I'm terrible."

Corbin was ashamed to admit, in the few times he does hit the links, he generally shoots around the century mark.

"I'd like to be better," he admits. "But during the season I don't get out as much as I'd like, and some guys are getting up so early to play."

Corbin last week rounded out a foursome including Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Hudson and Trea Turner. Zimm and Hudson are fine golfers, Corbin says, but Turner brings the pop.

"I think those other two might got him by a little bit," he said. "But Trea can crush the ball when he hits it."