Philosophical differences driving Jay Gruden’s frustration

By 106.7 The Fan

A philosophical difference is at the heart of Jay Gruden's mounting frustration, but he's found a confidant in the Redskins director of college scouting, Kyle Smith.

"I'm told there's one guy that he really and truthfully is aligned with and trusts, and that is Kyle Smith," Chris Russell said Friday on 106.7 The Fan.

"That's what I'm told, that Jay believes that's his guy and they see football the same way, eye to eye. That doesn't mean that Jay's always going to get his way, that doesn't mean Kyle's always going to get his way, but those two see things the same way."

Smith and Gruden are aligned on player evaluation and philosophy, while team president Bruce Allen's primary concern is cap management.

Russell earlier this week reported that Jay Gruden is "unhappy" with his current standing in Ashburn, which tied into a previous rumbling from Sports Junkies host Eric Bickel, which indicated the Redskins coach wasn't being consulted on the team's free agency decisions.

"The EB story didn't come out of nowhere," Russell insisted on Wednesday, adding that Gruden, fearful he'll become Allen's fall guy if the 2019 season turns sour, has opted to come out "guns a-blazin'" behind the scenes.

Citing a source "very familiar" with the head coach, Gruden "doesn't give a bleep right now, about what he says and what people think about him," Russell reported.

Russell added to that report on Friday, saying on 106.7 The Fan of Gruden, "He's not a dummy. He understands the dynamics at play here."

"Everyone else," Russell said, "whether it be because of whatever (Senior VP, Player Personnel) Doug Williams' role is, and Bruce, and then to a lesser degree, Eric (Senior VP, Football Operations, Eric Schaffer) – who just does what basically he has to, and what Bruce ultimately says he has to do – they see football and personnel acquisition, and personnel retention, in a different light.

"Whereas Jay and Kyle – from what I understand, and this is multiple people telling me this – are joined at the hip."

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