106.7 The Fan producer goes scorched-earth on Redskins: 'Fire everyone!'

By 106.7 The Fan
The Redskins announced sweeping changes to their front office structure on Thursday, including mutually parting ways with longtime executive Eric Schaffer after 17 years.

That's great news, according to 106.7 The Fan producer Jim 'Landfill' Mullins, who was worked into a lather over the changes by radio host Chad Dukes.

"I'd like it if we could stop pretending like we know who these people are or what they do," Dukes said. "I mean, I'm sure Hoffman knows. I mean, I'm sure JP Finlay knows. But do you think the average fan, if Eric Schaffer walked in and vomited on the floor, would have any idea who he is? We're endlessly going to hear about whether or not this is a good idea though, right?"

"I've never had so much animosity towards a guy that I've never, I've never seen a picture of him," Landfill replied. "I've never met the guy. I couldn't tell you what he looks like or what his job responsibilities are, but I'm so happy that I'll never have to hear about Eric Schaffer again. I'm so over it."

"Well, are you at all emboldened by the fact though that when we did the call-in segment about Kevin O'Connell and all these guys we hear endlessly about, people seemed to be perfectly fine with Rivera coming in here and blowing all these losers out?" Dukes asked.

"I'm completely fine with Rivera coming in here and getting rid of all these guys," Landfill said. "This is a guy who was a part of the front office that led the team to 3-13. If this guy was some scary, indispensable talent, the team wouldn't be so bad."

The two would spend the next several minutes going up and down the organization, asking who should stay and who should go, with Dukes hilariously setting the tee for his producer to sound off.

Dukes: These are bad teams filled with bad players in a bad organization. Fire everyone! Fire them all! Bring in all new people.
Landfill: The players, the coaches, the scouts, the front office guys, the trainers, the medical staff – get rid of all of 'em! Keep Terry McLaurin! He's the only guy who matters!
Dukes: So if anybody other than Terry McLaurin is booted out of this organization...
Landfill: Good! Everybody's hurt all year! Always! Their scouts are terrible! They stink! They don't have good players!
Dukes: Wait a minute, I always heard about how smart and judicious Kyle Smith is during the draft?
Landfill: Who cares! If he was so good, they'd have better players and the team would be better! You want to get rid of the chefs? Get rid of the chefs! Get rid of everybody! All of 'em! Every single person!
Dukes: All of them, Landfill? 
Landfill: If Ron Rivera comes in and says, 'This guy sucks at his job. I'm hiring this guy.' Good!
Dukes: What about the guys taking care of the field? Do you want to keep them?
Landfill: No! We lost our quarterback! He was the great hope of the franchise! Three first-round picks – done! The field is terrible!
Dukes: What about the people that are in charge of the concessions at FedEx Field? We can keep them, right?
Landfill: No! You sell expired World Cup beer, you're out! Bye! Get out!
Dukes: What about the people waving the cones on the way into the field as you park? They do a good job, right? 
Landfill: No they don't! It's a disaster to get in! It's a disaster to get out! It's a nightmare to park! Leave! Bye! Go to the Kansas City Chiefs and hire their person! Whoever does the job for the Texans, bring that guy in!
Dukes: What I'm getting from this is you have a huge problem with Eric Schaffer leaving the organization.
Landfill: Not at all! He can go! Everyone can go! Find anyone else. Anyone! Find a successful team – any of the eight remaining in the playoffs – and be like, 'Welp, this guy's probably better than Eric Schaffer. Their team has some good players!'
Dukes: You didn't think they were trending in the right direction at the end of the season, Landfill? 
Landfill: No! They won three games! They barely beat the Lions! They lost to the Jets! They only beat the Dolphins because the guy didn't catch the two-point conversion attempt! 
Dukes: But we should definitely just give Dwayne Haskins the starting quarterback position, right?
Landfill: No! He had a good game against the Giants! They have the worst secondary in the sport, other than the Redskins!
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