WATCH: Did EB fall asleep on air?


There's a legendary clip of New York sports radio titan Mike Francesa falling asleep on the air. Consider this Eric Bickel's formal rebuttal.

As The Sports Junkies were discussing when we might see sports resume in America with Adam Kilgore of The Washington Post, Bickel, who looked to be gearing up for a follow-up question, eventually resigned himself to the comforting warmth of his La-Z-Boy and drifted off.

Quarantine Week 4 Mood

— Chris Lingebach (@ChrisLingebach) April 6, 2020

Bickel later claimed what viewers were witnessing were just "little micro naps during the interview," with J.P. rushing to his aid, claiming of his co-host, "I just think you were listening hard."

You can judge for yourself in the video above.

Regardless of whether he was merely resting his eyes or not, the cracks are beginning to show in Bickel's foundation as the self-quarantine drags on into week four.

"EVERY DAY'S THE SAME!"@EBJunkies may have finally snapped. We hope you can at least find comfort in his misery --

— 106.7 The Fan (@1067theFan) April 6, 2020