JUNKIES: 2019 will be 'ten times worse' for Redskins

By 106.7 The Fan
The Redskins have reportedly informed Jay Gruden he'll be back as head coach in 2019, giving him at least one more year to earn a second playoff appearance. 

However, The Sports Junkies don't expect things to get better for Gruden and Washington any time soon.

"I would have moved beyond him a year ago, definitely this year," John-Paul Flaim said Monday. "Because my guess is, next year's gonna be more of the same. He's gonna be a Marvin Lewis-type, he's Norv Turner part two. I just cannot see Jay Gruden ever leading this team to a championship, and that should be the goal."

"At least he keeps you respectable," Eric "EB" Bickel added. "He keeps you, at this point, basically in the mix for .500. I don't think you can expect anything more than that, in fact I think next year will be a real challenge because they got no quarterback."

"But you bring in an unknown, you think it's bad now, you could really whiff."

As EB said, hiring a new coach to deal with all the question marks already facing the roster would certainly be a risk, and at this point the Redskins job isn't as attractive as other openings. 

One major reason why the Redskins should not fire Jay Gruden? A quarter of the league is going to be hiring a new HC. Washington's opening would not stack up favorably. You wouldn't land any of the 5 or 6 best candidates.

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) December 31, 2018

That said, EB went on to argue all those roster issues, particularly at quarterback, will keep Gruden and the Redskins from getting to .500 in 2019.

"I'm almost willing to guarantee you there's no way they get more than five wins next year," he said. "They don't have a quarterback! If you think this was bad, next year's gonna be ten times worse."

"It's gonna be awful. Because Colt (McCoy)'s will play like three games, then his neck or something will get hurt, or knee will break or something weird will happen, and then here we go (again)!"

And as John "Cakes" Auville noted, Washington's problems extend well beyond the head coach and quarterback.

"I'd fire (Gruden). It's fine, it doesn't matter, because the next guy you bring in, he'll be unsuccessful too," said Cakes. "As long as (owner) Daniel Snyder's in charge, it's impossible for this team to succeed. It's impossible!"

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