JP Finlay details Redskins backup plan at QB


COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into everyone's plans and the Redskins are no different.

But Ron Rivera wasn't caught flat-footed. When Washington acquired quarterback Kyle Allen from Carolina, they effectively bought themselves an insurance plan for Dwayne Haskins, who is understandably behind the curve in learning a new offense without being able to meet with coaches in person.

JP Finlay outlined that backup plan in a Friday appearance with 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes. Bear in mind, this is all hypothetical, as we have no way of knowing when life will return to normal at the moment.

"It's kind of this caveat scenario, and Ron Rivera himself said it when on a call with national reporters, that if training camp gets crunched, and there's no preseason and there's no time for Dwayne Haskins to learn this offense, that Kyle Allen’s gonna be the guy because Kyle Allen knows the system and they can hit the ground running with Kyle," Finlay said.

"To me that makes a lot of sense and I could see that happening," he said. "It all depends on this crazy coronavirus, and scheduling, and things so far out of the realm of our typical conversation. Normally right now, the players would all be at Redskins Park and we'd be watching, seeing and talking about Haskins and Kyle Allen, but in this situation, all we know is that we don't know anything really.

"I mean if there’s no preseason and they get back to work August 20, and the first game is Sept. 13, and that's Dwayne Haskins' – what would that be, his fourth play-caller in three years, his third offense in three years – I think that we know that he struggled picking up the offense last year."

"I think it's entirely reasonable to think he won't be able to get it and they’re just gonna go with Kyle," he continued, "because that game in two and a half weeks counts and it matters. So that's the scenario. It's not a Kyle Allen's gonna beat out Dwayne Haskins, it's this whole thing is gonna go sideways and Kyle Allen is a guy they trust."

Dukes mentioned that funny things can happen in the NFL once the season gets going, which could result in a fluky predicament for Haskins.

"A lot can happen, man, and I don’t think Kyle Allen's gonna get out there on the field and 'ball out,' as the kids say," Dukes said. "But I think the defense could be good enough where maybe this team has a winning record three or four weeks in, and then are you benching the quarterback?

"Here's what I'm saying: (stuff) happens in this league, JP, and if he's not starting, I don't necessarily think it's a good thing for him. You know that's the way that I've been talking about this. And God forbid the Redskins (start) 3-1, are you gonna bench the guy? Are you gonna say, 'Alright, now it's time for Haskins to get in there and really rip it up.' Do you want to upend that kismet? I don't know."

"What I think seriously is that 2020 is Haskins' year to show that he is the starting quarterback long-term answer for the Redskins," Finlay returned. "And if he doesn't show that, whether it's by happenstance and just kind of bad circumstances, that Kyle Allen gets out there and becomes Lou Gehrig and Haskins never gets on the field, that's a tough break for the kid.

"Or if he gets out there and he isn't good enough, the Redskins, I think, will move on next year. This isn't a guy they drafted. This is a new organization. So I think 2020's gotta be his year, because if he gets out there and he's bad… I don't think Kyle Allen's going 10-6. I just don't think he's that good. I think they're back at the top of the draft in 2021 and then we're talking very seriously about a quarterback.

"That’s why I think 2020's so imperative for Haskins."

Finlay went on to explain that trading for Allen pretty much wrapped up the Tua Tagovailoa conversation in Washington.

"I think Tua's gonna be great. I think his ceiling is Hall of Fame and the only real issue is health, and that's a huge issue," he said. "Here’s what I've said all along, is that the Skins are going with Haskins because if they weren't, they'd be drafting Tua. Does that make sense? Like they wouldn't be going with Kyle Allen, they'd be drafting Tua."

"And so the fact that they got Kyle Allen to kind of back up Dwayne leads you to believe that they're sticking with Dwayne and they're gonna pass on Tua. And for fan that screams about, 'Oh my gosh, how could you pass on Chase Young,' I won't be shocked if 10 years from now, this is one of those, 'Oh my gosh, they could have had Tua.'

"Who knows? Maybe Dwayne will be great. Maybe Tua will stink. All these things are too be determined. But his potential's through the roof. People have been talking about 'tank for Tua' for two years."