Junkies: Redskins should 'fire Greg Manusky' today

The Eagles handed the Redskins their third-straight loss, a 28-13 nationally televised defeat on Monday Night Football. Washington drops to 6-6 on the season. The only question is, how far can they sink?

Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies argued for change – even if just for the sake of it – Tuesday morning on 106.7 The Fan, in a last-ditch effort to save the season.

"They're gonna have to do something to have a reason to believe," Bickel said. "And I think they're gonna have to sacrifice somebody, and maybe it's Manusky. Because it's been a catastrophic fall, from the Alabama Wall to JP showing the stats in the last five games or so where they're ranked 31st in the NFL. I mean, what the hell happened? It's not like they're riddled with injuries."

"Or maybe they're just resigned to the fact that, look, this is a lost season and we're gonna ride it out for the next four," said John Auville.

"No, I think you have to make a move," Bickel insisted. "You gotta make a move. Somebody's head has to roll."

"What's the end goal of that move," Auville asked.

"The end goal is to change something. They've gotta change something," Bickel said. "Listen, you guys can all say – and I understand it. I'm not gonna bet on them. But there's still four games left. If they won their last four games, they're still in this. They're still mathematically in it. You can't just tank. You gotta try to win football games, otherwise you just lose the public faith, the public trust. You have to try to win."

"They probably lost that already," Jason Bishop said. "They probably lost that when Alex (Smith) went down."

"Well, they have to try to win the games. They can't just wave the white flag," Bickel said. "I know that's what fans do. They've got to change something up. Doing the same thing every week is just not gonna help. The defense is showing no signs of improvement. In fact, they're getting worse." 
The Redskins have imploded and it's not solely the fault of the defense, to be sure. After losing starting quarterback Alex Smith for the season in Week 11, the Redskins offense was already up against it, relying on backup Colt McCoy to get them to the finish line. That finish line arrived early for McCoy, too, when he went down in the first quarter with a broken fibula. Still, the defense has been atrocious on this losing streak.

"I would fire Greg Manusky," Bickel went on to say. "That's what I would do today. And I'm sorry. I don't like to fire people. But I would fire Greg Manusky – try to change something. Try to get a different look."

"You could do that just for the sake of change," Bishop said. "But it's not gonna matter."

"For the sake of change," Bickel said. "And maybe a more aggressive guy. Something."

"I just think someone has to be a fall guy," Bickel later added. "You have to give the public a reason to have some hope that things might change."

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