Adrian Peterson should lead the way for Redskins ground game

By 106.7 The Fan

Danny Rouhier has a theory about how the Redskins should approach their rushing attack in 2019: run Adrian Peterson into the ground until the wheels come off.

The 106.7 The Fan host positions himself on the conservative end of a diametric spectrum of asset management. On one end, you maximize the value of an asset while it's still yours. On Rouhier's end, you value the asset by protecting it and therefore extending the life a player's value.

But it's not Peterson who Rouhier's looking to protect. It's second-year running back Derrius Guice, who's coming off an ACL tear that caused him to miss his entire rookie season.

"Adrian Peterson should get the overwhelming majority of the carries for the Redskins," he said Thursday. "Derrius Guice should be eased in. They're not gonna do that. They're gonna have some sort of timeshare, maybe somebody gets hurt. They want Guice to hit the ground running and they'll go."

"I want Derrius Guice to have more than just a couple seasons of effectiveness," he said. "A) He's coming off an injury; B) you've already got an older player on the cheap, who's willing to take all the bumps and bruises that are gonna come with playing for this crappy offense. Let him do it. Ease Guice in, extend his career."

Rouhier's opposition would argue the Redskins only have four years of control of Guice, and having already lost one of those years, should push to get maximum production out of  what remains of his rookie deal.

"It turns over so rapidly," Rouhier said, suggesting running backs have such a short shelf life in the NFL. "Every Adrian Peterson, who is a freak of nature. His knee gets exploded, he's back nine months later rushing for 2,000 yards. He is a rarity. Lightning struck in that gentleman. God gave him a gift. He's used it and he's great. I'm glad he's here.

"The rest of these guys... DeMarco Murray ran for almost 2,000 yards. Basically out of football just a couple years later. Why do you want to use up the bullets for a team that's not going to be any good?"

"So here is my theory about this," Rouhier went on. "Adrian Peterson, because: A) he's a freak; B) he's not costing you very much; and C) you've got to protect an asset. I'm treating Dwayne Haskins the same way. I have an asset; I'm going to protect him. What I want to do is let Adrian Peterson take those early downs. Jay Gruden's gotta establish that run. Fine. First-and-10, let him run into a roadblock."