Redskins smart to give Rivera control of player personnel?


Daniel Snyder has taken control of the Washington Redskins away from Bruce Allen and given it to new head coach Ron Rivera. While the removal of Allen was certainly justified based on the results, was the installation of Rivera at the top of the personnel food chain the right move?

Following the departure of Eric Schaffer and the re-assignment of Doug Williams to a role under Rivera, RADIO.COM Sports Insider Jason La Canfora has some concerns about the amount of power given to the new head coach under the so-called "coach-centered culture."
"I just, again, have trepidations about this model when Dan goes to it because he's not going to this model with Bill Belichick," La Canfora told Chad Dukes Friday. 

"He went to it with Joe Gibbs, (for whom) personnel was never his thing, right? But it had to be his whole thing because he wasn't gonna leave it to Vinny (Cerrato) and he ended up having half of his day out of coaching because he was putting out fires and dealing with the owner, he's talking to agents, he's doing all this other stuff that isn't coaching the football team," he said on 106.7 The Fan. "He tried it with Mike Shanahan, anybody who ever worked with Mike Shanahan said, 'Genius technician, tactician, run-game, all that stuff. Can find... identifies great young coaching talent, has an eye for that, can put a staff together, but man you don't want him picking your players.'" 

You may be thinking: That was all the past, the pre-Rivera Era. This is the future, a future with an empowered head coach who is bringing people he is familiar with from his past (like new VP of football programming Rob Rogers) and creating a winning culture.

La Canfora told 106.7 The Fan he knows a lot of people who have worked with Rivera "who like him a lot: CEO, great man, great leader, does a lot of things really well, I don't want him picking my football players."

"Now he will ostensibly find people to pick the football players, but I don't know if you had to give Ron Rivera the whole building. But Dan did and I get it," La Canfora added. "From where (the Redskins) are I get it, but I also don't. Did I miss something or was Carolina going to the playoffs every year? Like, did that happen? It's not like you're taking the staff that was like world beaters and moving them all up north. They had their share of issues."

Having said all that, La Canfora told Dukes the Redskins have nowhere to go but up and Rivera will bring a measure of stability and accountability to the franchise.

"It's a nice hire," he said on The Fan. "I just wonder about everything else that came with it besides just hiring the head football coach." 

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