Gerardo Parra has Nats fans singing 'Baby Shark.' But not the Junkies!

By 106.7 The Fan
This is Gerardo Parra's world, and we're all just living in it.
The veteran outfielder has become a popular figure among his Nationals teammates and the fan base since joining the team in May. If you need proof, check out what happened when he stepped to the plate during the Nats' 11-1 win over the Rockies Tuesday night.

You've gotta see Gerardo Parra's Baby Shark intro.This is WILD.

— Cut4 (@Cut4) July 24, 2019

Yes, that is the entirety of Nationals Park singing and dancing along to "Baby Shark," Parra's walk-up song and a viral sensation which has over three billion views on YouTube. 

But just a few blocks down Half Street, Baby Shark mania has yet to strike the Sports Junkies' studio. 
"I kind of missed this whole Baby Shark phenomenon," said John "Cakes" Auville Wednesday morning. "I don't understand. It must be big with the 15-year-olds."
"That whole bit is lost on me," Eric "EB" Bickel said. "Tell me more about the song, though. When did the song become popular?"
"You're kidding, right?" responded producer Matt Valdez, speaking for the rest of us who have a pulse. "It's honestly one of the hottest, biggest things in the country in the past six months. Probably a year."

And even after Valdez played the song for them, the Junkies were still mystified.

"Never heard it," said EB. 

"I've heard it only because I've heard it at the stadium," said Jason "Bish" Bishop. "It's stupid, is what it is."

"I may have heard it once," added Cakes. "It's terrible, legitimately terrible."

Oh, come on! 

The producers proceeded to go after EB, the creator and compiler of the Junkies' Entertainment Page, for his lack of Baby Shark credentials.

DrabEric, you're wrong on this one. 
EB: I know I'm right about that, it's not bigger than "Old Town Road."Drab: It's just as big.Valdez: You're just out of touch. You are!
Bish: No, I actually respect you that you don't know it.
EB: When Twitter comes out with their memes, I don't click on them.  
Drab: It's not a Twitter thing.
Valdez: It's a pop culture thing.
Drab: It's a being alive thing. You just hear it.
EB: Meh, I don't hear it. I listen to talk. And I listen to country stations.

While the Junkies and the produces may disagree, we can all agree on one thing: "Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo!" 

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