Two arrested inside Indians stadium during playoff game


A bizarre scene unfolded on television during the Yankees-Indians playoff game in Cleveland on Wednesday night, when ESPN cameras happened to capture two men being escorted by police after their reported arrest.

The ESPN broadcast was showing a small gathering of diehard Indians fans who had gathered outside Progressive Field -- when a couple of their brethren were paraded in front of cameras for apparently sneaking into the playoff game, which is off-limits to fans along with the rest of MLB games this season to date.

The alleged crashers were busted while sitting in the left-field bleachers, video posted by Newsday reporter Erik Boland appeared to show.

The strange incident unfolded after the ESPN broadcast had cut several times to show the few diehard Indians fans who had gathered outside the stadium. They were banging a large drum in support of their team, a custom they ordinarily would have carried out in the bleachers if not for the ban on spectators owing to the coronavirus.

Apparently, the fans who got arrested took their dedication even further than the drummers.

The broadcast quickly cut back to the action on the field, and announcers Matt Vasgersian and Alex Rodriguez did not appear to comment on the arrests.

It was another odd chapter in a game that was hampered by two early rain delays.