Peter King reveals ‘most logical suitor’ for potential Carson Wentz trade

By SportsRadio 94WIP

The Eagles have something special in quarterback Jalen Hurts. That much seemed clear in his debut against the New Orleans Saints.

The only issue? The $128 million quarterback in front of him.

That problem, however, could be solved by a trade — and one of the most tapped-in NFL reporters out there has picked a clear landing spot for Carson Wentz.

In his weekly Football Morning in America column, Peter King wrote Monday morning that the Indianapolis Colts are the “most logical suitor” for Wentz if the Eagles did decide to move on from him this offseason.

King writes:

Makes total sense. Wentz reunites with former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, the ultimate patient and calm teacher, and the Wentz mental makeover happens in the decidedly low-pressure-cooker of central Indiana. There’s no WIP there. GM Chris Ballard never met a big deal he was afraid to make. But—and this is a very big but—the Eagles most assuredly have not decided to deal Wentz. As of this morning, I bet the majority of their top people think he’ll be back in 2021. But if Hurts has three more games like Sunday’s? We’ll see.

King is correct — the Colts do make a ton of sense for Wentz. King goes on to report that his believe is that if the Eagles do put Wentz on the trade market they will have no issue at all trading him.

The question is, will they?

There is a lot of talk about Wentz’s deal making him hard to trade, but that really isn’t true. Wentz’s massive signing bonus was already paid by the Eagles. That means Wentz would be owed only his 2021 and 2022 salaries, plus a 2021 roster bonus, from his new team. Although the team would own his rights beyond the 2022 season, nothing is guaranteed, making it really a two-year, $47 million deal — not the $128 million deal you hear people talk about making him impossible to trade.

Two-years, $47 million would put Wentz around the middle of the pack in quarterback contracts. Of course, if Wentz plays like he did this season, he won’t be worth anything. But if a head coach believes he can turn him back into 2018 Wentz, or the 2019 version, he will be worth more than the $47 million he is owed over the next two seasons. Wentz could also re-do his deal to help facilitate a trade.

The Eagles would take a big dead-money cap hit by trading Wentz — around $33 million — but if they could net a first-round pick in return, and make Hurts the starter, it could be the best move for the franchise.

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