Ryan Zimmerman interview interrupted by Lourdes, Lurch's cleaning lady


Ryan Zimmerman was in the midst of sharing how grand it feels to be resuming his Major League career — returning for his 16th season with the Nationals after taking a year off — when obviously he was interrupted by Jason Bishop's cleaning lady.

Lourdes, oh lovely Lourdes, made her anticipated return to The Sports Junkies on Friday (at a time in the sports calendar that just so happens to coincide with Bit Season). As it turns out, 'Bish' has such little respect for Junkies guests, his co-hosts and their listeners, that it's no big deal if the sound of Lourdes' sweeper sucking the life out of his carpets is drowning out all other production value.

After all, those carpets need cleaning. Certainly can't ask her to hold off for another 10 minutes!

It's only a live interview with thousands of captive listeners!