JUNKIES: Did JP have a 'sex swing' in his Zoom background? See for yourself…


A routine company meeting took a dark turn on Friday when JP of The Sports Junkies, who may or may not be a sexual deviant, purportedly left a "sex swing" in his Zoom background — for all his coworkers to see — according to the show's producers.

"Hey, by the way, before we get into the EP, Drabby sent me a picture here," EB said on The Sports Junkies on Monday. "And I'm gonna say shenanigans on this, but he's claiming that when we had our Zoom call on Friday, that JP did it and had, you could see a sex swing in the background."

"He was completely distracted during the call," EB went on to say.

"It did look like a Cirque du Soleil performance," Cakes confirmed.

"It was the talk of the Zoom call," chimed Valdez.

"It really was," Drab said.

JP *claims* Fake News, that the swing belongs to his daughter and any suggestion otherwise is inaccurate.

"She has swings," he said.

"What room is this, by the way," EB asked.

"It's become a triple-use room," JP said.

"I bet!" EB joaned.

"It is Jess' office," JP flaimed on. "It has a ballet bar, and then..."

"JP's play area," Valdez interjected.

"Is that your playroom?" EB peppered his co-host. "Is that your toy room?"

After a rather pregnant pause, EB returned, "Oh, he's not denying it! Did you notice that?!"

"Because it's gymnastic mats in the background, because she does tumbling," JP continued his non-denial. "And then that's a green swing."

"But it's bolted into the ceiling," Drab astutely pointed out. "Like a sex swing."

"Yeah," Valdez jumped on the pile of proof. "It's interchangeable."

On Twitter after the show, Drab raised concerns that the swing JP showed to their television audience as evidence is not, in fact, the same swing in question.

"We are doubting that is the swing," he told one online user. "Did not look like the same swing that was flying around in the zoom call."

Sources close to the situation described the swing witnessed during the virtual meeting as more of the hammock-style variety, suggesting a swap of some sort has taken place since Friday, undoubtedly in a cover-up attempt.

What we can say for certain is the evidence that is publicly available, paired with eyewitness testimony, doesn't look good for JP's defense.

Watch and decide for yourself...

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