Rouhier: Referees nearly cost Washington the win


Washington Football won in Week 1, but the comeback from down 17-0 to the Philadelphia Eagles was made a lot harder when the referees missed an obvious call late in the 4th quarter.

In fact, head coach Ron Rivera would not have had to make his gutsy 4th down decision if the refs did their job correctly on 3rd down.

See, on third-and-two from the Philadelphia five-yard line, quarterback Dwayne Haskins scrambled to his right looking for an opening. As he neared the first down marker, it was clear he wouldn’t make it with three Eagles defenders coming to stop him. So he decided to slide to protect himself short of the yard to gain.

Well, Haskins giving himself up didn't stop the Philadelphia defenders, as he was hit by all three of them causing the ball to pop free.

Flag on the play? Referees? Are any of you watching this play? You called Haskins down because of the slide and said it wasn’t a fumble, so where is the automatic first down for the late hit? Where is the consistency?

“This is a textbook flag,” Danny Rouhier said on 106.7 The Fan. “If Tom Brady had done that, there would have been a criminal investigation.”

“The quarterback got hit in the head! Fine everybody! Flag everybody! Unbelievable how annoying that was!” Rouhier added.

Instead, it was fourth-and-one. The game was on the line and it shouldn’t have been because the referees failed to do their job.

But this 2020 Washington team may be all about overcoming adversity as they simply converted the 4th down and went on to score a touchdown to seal the victory.

However, there is no doubt Rivera sent a clip of this hit on his starting quarterback to the league offices and included a simple three-letter acronym comprised of the same letters as his team’s name: “WTF?”