Sad Jerry Jones makes Washington Football fans happy


“Good afternoon. First off, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.”

On today of all days, it is important to start with that: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Now that that has been said, it is time to skip the hors d'oeuvres and move on to the main course: Watching Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones look really sad while watching his team get beat 41-16 on Thanksgiving by the Washington Football Team.

The win put Washington (4-7) into first place in the NFC East and sank Jerry's Cowboys to 3-8.

Awww, too bad, Jerry.

It is even better in video form after Antonio Gibson went 37 yards for his third score of the game to put Washington up 34-16.

And then there’s Jerry.

Oh, Jerry. Well, at least some folks had something to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.