Stephen A. Smith trolls Cowboys fans, Skip Bayless after Washington crushes Dallas


These two men don’t really need much more attention than they already get. But sometimes it is fun to marvel at what they create.

Today, Thanksgiving, a day for gluttony, a day for overindulgence, a day when the Washington Football Team beat the Dallas Cowboys 41-16, why not take a little trip into the world of Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

Pregame, Bayless, a Cowboys fan, was ready for action and was predicting victory.

By the first quarter, he had given up in the most dramatic, make sure everyone is looking at me fashion.

In the fourth quarter, with Washington in the lead, Bayless was begging for the end.

Of course, he remains delusional.

What a weird guy.

Having said that, here game Mr. Smith, in all his glory, after Antonio Gibson scored to make it 34-16, to troll Bayless, Jerry Jones, and all the Cowboys fans.

“DO YOU SEE IT? Just when I thought that y'all couldn't even mess up anymore, y'all made my Thanksgiving,” Smith said.

“You Cowboys fans out there, it’s a tough night, isn't it? It's a tough night. Had a tough year. But the bottom line is, you all were talking smack. You thought you were gonna be in first place after tonight, didn’t you? YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA BE IN FIRST PLACE? YOU THOUGHT (after?) THEY HAD THANKSGIVING WE’RE GONNA BE IN FIRST PLACE, BUT GUESS WHAT? NO CAN DO!”

You may not like everything they do, but sometimes, when it is really good, it is really good.