Terry McLaurin pulls a 'Metcalf' to stop a Cowboys touchdown


Terry McLaurin is the true meaning of playmaker.

The second-year wide receiver just makes plays. No matter where he is on the field he will make a play. On Thanksgiving in Dallas, he was playing hungry, with five catches for 74 yards deep into the third quarter.

But his best play of the day came after Alex Smith threw a bad interception. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith looked like he had a clear path to the end zone for the game-tying touchdown.

That was until McLaurin made a play.

What Seattle WR DK Metcalf did to Arizona safety Budda Baker, McLaurin did that on Thanksgiving. Of course, the Washington receiver had a lot less ground to make up on the defender, but a lot less ground to do that in.

And after Dallas went backward on first and second down and had a pass broken up on third, Washington was still up 20-16.

McLaurin finished with 92 yards receiving on seven catches in Washington's 41-16 win over the Cowboys.