Terry McLaurin or DK Metcalf : Who would you rather have?


DK Metcalf and Terry McLaurin are two of the NFL's brightest young stars and both will be heavily relied upon in Week 15 to help their respective squad try and lock down the victory.

As we near the end of the 2020 season and each of the two receivers finish up their second NFL season, which of the two has been more impressive thus far?

McLaurin: 207 Targets, 131 Receptions, 1920 Yards, 14.66 Yards Per Reception, 658 Yards After Catch, 10 TD (27 games)

Metcalf: 206 Targets, 127 Receptions, 2,080 Yards, 16.38 Yards Per Reception, 589 Yards After Catch, 17 TD (29 games)

Their numbers are eerily similar, despite Metcalf having played in two more games. Both receivers have shown not only the ability to make plays after the catch but also to make key stops on defense after a turnover.

Metcalf is a physical freak. At 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, he may be the most athletic player in the NFL.

McLaurin, on the other hand, doesn't blow you away with his athletic prowess, standing six feet tall and weighing in at 210 pounds, but has by far exceeded all expectations set for him as a third-round pick in 2019.

McLaurin was arguably the best value pick in the entire draft, somehow falling to pick 76, where he was selected by the Washington Football Team.

Metcalf fell to the last pick in the second round, 64th overall, and was seen as more of a project player. He's had the luxury of catching passes from former Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson in Seattle, one of the best to ever play the position.

McLaurin has had a carousel of quarterbacks throwing him the ball in Washington, from Case Keenum to Dwayne Haskins to Kyle Allen to Alex Smith, and has been consistent throughout, something other receivers haven't been able to do. McLaurin is the only receiver thus far in 2020 to have notched 1,000 yards while catching balls from three separate starting quarterbacks.

Both Seattle and Washington should be thrilled with how their respective draft-day steals have panned out.

Verdict: Metcalf has the higher ceiling based on the situation he landed in as well as the quarterback he's paired with and will be in discussion for the best receiver in football for the foreseeable future. If McLaurin gets a reliable signal caller down the road, we can always revisit.