SNIDER: Trading Dwayne Haskins is a non-starter


Trading Dwayne Haskins before the Nov. 3 trade deadline would be yet another bad idea by a franchise that has spent the last 20-plus years repeatedly making dumb decisions.

Haskins clearly doesn't have a future under coach Ron Rivera after being bumped from starter to No. 3 last week. Four games were enough for Rivera to realize Haskins is a couple years away from being even a good quarterback. Meanwhile, Rivera realized the team plays a streak of bad teams and can maybe contend this year with Kyle Allen.

OK, that might be true. It’s a short-term gain that really isn’t the wisest move in the long run, but Rivera gets to make that decision. However, Alex Smith clearly showed he’s not ready as the reliever in the loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. While it was a feel-good moment that masked what a lousy game Washington played, Smith needs to return to No. 3 and Haskins to the primary backup.

Barring a great offer that surely won’t come unless a team’s desperate, Washington will be lucky to get a fourth-rounder for Haskins. Nobody is lining up for a player with reportedly bad practice habits, little experience and limited upside. If the pick is a second-rounder or even a low third, then it's worth considering. Let me know when that phone rings.

Allen showed some moves in his limited outing against the Rams before he was head-butted in the second quarter. His mobility on a touchdown run is something Washington desperately needs given an offensive line that can’t stop a good opponent. Allen knows the offense and can get whatever this offense of dink-and-dunks can manage. It’s not going to manage much and sure won’t win any games if the defense keeps allowing 30 or more points like the last four games.

Sell your Terry McLaurin stock now because Allen won’t find him often. Buy Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic for your fantasy teams because they’ll get the majority of this dump-off pass offense. McLaurin gained three receptions versus Los Angeles and that might sadly be his normal production for the rest of the season.

If Allen gets hurt again, there’s nothing wrong with Haskins returning. If nothing else, maybe he raises his value for an offseason trade. Who knows, sitting down may even trigger something that makes him a better player . . . elsewhere. Rivera can give lip service to keeping Haskins, but it’s not happening. It’s another Robert Griffin III scenario of 2014 when starting early, hurt, benched and returning late after others were injured.

If Rivera has already made up his mind on Haskins, at least find out whether Allen is the 2021 backup before offseason shopping.

Meanwhile, the only way Washington avoids another 10-loss season is if the schedule is shortened. It clearly doesn’t have next year’s starting quarterback on the roster.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks

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