Washington Football is a losing franchise for the first time in 45 years


Well, it finally happened.

In his 22nd year of ownership, Daniel Snyder has accomplished something nobody thought possible: The Washington Football Team is now a losing franchise.

With the 34-20 defeat to the Cleveland Browns Sunday, Washington’s all-time record slipped to 604-605-28. This means they are under .500 for the first time in 45 years.

And while Snyder only assumed control of the franchise before the 1999 season, it is reasonable to lay the blame for this ignominious feat at his doorstep as the team has limped to 143-195-1 record. Or a .423 winning percentage.

How did this happen?

Well, everyone knows the story: mismanagement, some untimely injuries, more mismanagement, bad draft picks, a terrible record in primetime games, Bruce Allen’s leadership, numerous off the field issues and scandals, and, again, more mismanagement.

Again, good luck to Ron Rivera on fully fixing the culture. (Having said that, two straight wins and Washington is back over .500 again.)

Of course, the bad news keeps will be back for fans of the Gold and Burgandy. The franchise under Snyder will soon set another dubious record when this season ends: More team names (3) than playoff wins (2).


Update: After a Week 6 defeat to the New York Giants, Washington’s all-time record has fallen to 604-608-28 after three consecutive losses. The organization is now 143-198-1 in the Dan Snyder Era.