Watch Ron Rivera’s victory speech after crushing Cowboys


You don’t hate to see this, you love to see this.

For the second time in five days, Ron Rivera was able to give a speech to a victorious locker room after his Washington Football Team completed a 41-16 Thanksgiving Day beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys.

And while the game was close in the 4th quarter, Rivera’s team showed great determination to finish the game with 21 unanswered points.

"It was a lot of fun," Rivera said Friday about beating up the Cowboys and making Jerry Jones sad.

And they did that with great plays on special teams, on offense from the running backs, on offense after an interception, and defense with Montez Sweat snagging the team’s first pick-6 in almost three years.

“When you finish the game, that’s how you gotta finish it,” Rivera told his team.

“Guys just hanging on, you want to win, ok? Understand what you did: You did a helluva thing, you went out and played football.”

Then Rivera rattled off a few stats from the game: 41 points tied for the most ever scored vs. Dallas, first time scoring 40+ against the Cowboys since 1986, first time sweeping Dallas since 2012 season, first Thanksgiving win over the Cowboys since 2012, Antonio Gibson is the first rookie since Randy Moss to score….

At that point, Rivera’s voice is drowned out by cheering.

Gibson, with cajoling from quarterback Dwayne Haskins, then stepped forward to say a few words after his huge game.

“We weren’t doing enough in the first half and we had to come out there and show out,” Gibson said. “And we did. And that’s how you play football.”

During his press conference Friday, Rivera mentioned how he enjoyed the team’s energy in the locker room.

“What was really cool was to watch the energy-level in the locker room after the game," Rivera said. "And really watch the guys mingle amongst each other while they were celebrating. That was really cool.

“For probably the first hour, hour and a half on the flight home, the guys were pretty raucous in the back (of the plane) having a good time. They were reliving the game and talking about it. I made a little walk just to kind of see everybody. And then when I came back a little while later they were all asleep.

“It was really cool. That’s very gratifying to see the guys after they earned it. I mean they deserved it. It’s been good to see those guys celebrating the way they did.”