EB: 'Less than classy' of Bryce Harper to wear Vegas jersey at Capital One

Photo credit Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports
By 106.7 The Fan

Bryce Harper didn't hold back his Vegas Golden Knights fandom during Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final at Capital One Arena on Monday night.

The Vegas native has attended a number of Capitals games through the years, even supported them by sporting their colors to games.

#nats stud @Bharper3407 hit 3 HR's today and squeezed in a #caps game! #RealDeal pic.twitter.com/XxYYeHOtaF

— Slapshot (@Caps_Slapshot) May 7, 2015

But Harper has unabashedly jumped on the Golden Knights' bandwagon in their inaugural season, his first year of living in which he's been able to support a professional team from his hometown. 

Harper and his wife, Kayla, cheered on the Golden Knights from a suite as his Nationals teammates, Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer, lost their minds for the Caps down below.

Bryce Harper is behind us cheering Vegas @granthpaulsen @funnydanny @TomDaly2 #ALLCAPS pic.twitter.com/Tcn3DmuOOj

— Jimmy Milstead -- (@MilyVanilly) June 4, 2018

Although, Harper didn't have much to celebrate Monday night, as Vegas fell to Washington, 6-2, to go down 3-1 in the series.

#ALLCAPS! Finally! It’s not Caps fans feeling this way! @Bharper3407 not cised! (photo credit: coworker at game)! #StanleyCupFinals pic.twitter.com/fhYOQCnimq

— Jaime Simon (@BeachUss) June 5, 2018

can't he just stay away?it's just so annoyingwhatever.... only have to deal with him a few more months https://t.co/YdHshmbRyj

— Eric Bickel (@EBJunkies) June 4, 2018

"Let me address the Bryce issue," Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies said Tuesday morning. "I've got no problem with Bryce being a Knights fan. He's from Vegas. Of course. I get it. But here's what I would say. Let's be real. That team's been around for 20 minutes. He's been a guest of the Capitals for years, in the locker room, met multiple times. Worn the jersey, that whole kind of thing."

"If it was me, I would keep it to a dull roar," he said. "I'd root for the Knights if I was from Vegas, probably, but I'd probably stay at home, and I wouldn't troll the entire area and the team that's had you there as a guest for years. I personally wouldn't."

"It's a little less than classy, in my opinion," Bickel went on to say. "But you know what? You do you. We're only going to have to deal with you for a few more months anyway."

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