WATCH: The Junkies hit hilarious technical snag

By 106.7 The Fan

The Sports Junkies have muscled through quarantine by continuing to do their show from home daily, Monday through Friday. A technical miracle, until the technology turns against them.

"Okay, they can't hear me, apparently," JP says about a minute in, as it suddenly dawns on him that he's standing on an island, alone. "So, we're having some technical issues." 

"Alright, this is a technical snafu," JP goes on to say. "I don't know if anybody knows who's on the air."

As they struggled to resynchronize, the show devolved into what it does best: joaning.

And shall we never forget:

@drabtshirt @matt_valdez @EBJunkies here's the poster.

— tuba pudding jr but 6’ away (@maryland_sam) October 23, 2013

"Cakes, you can't hear Eric right now," Bish noted.

"I don't think we're on the air," EB said. "We're doing two different shows."

"Cakes is doing his own show!" Bish said cracking up. "That's gonna be the lowest-rated show in history!"

Watch this calamity build to a beautiful crescendo.