WATCH: The Junkies want to host a dog beauty contest

By 106.7 The Fan

Lurch holding up grainy photos of his dog on camera Tuesday may have sparked The Sports Junkies' next brilliant idea: a dog beauty contest, with Junks listeners competing for best dog.

They hatched this plan as Jason, who's technologically inept, attempted to share photos of his Dutch Shepherd, Luka.

"This is her staring at a squirrel," he said, holding up his phone to the camera with the glare of 10,000 suns shielding the photo from view. "Can you see that?"

EB: Is that the back end? Are we looking at her butt?
BISH: Yeah, she's staring, she's looking in the other yard. 
DRAB: Pretty good photo.
BISH: You don't like that one?
EB: We want to look at the face of the dog.
BISH: Oh, here's one.
EB: He's into her body.
BISH: No, it just shows you how money she is. She's athletic.

What Jason hilariously can't comprehend is that he choose virtually the worst way possible to share photos of his dog with The Junks and their audience. Pulling up the photos on his computer and then sharing his screen, for instance, would have yielded a drastically better result.

But Jason doesn't know how computers work, so let's just hold up a grainy photo on our phone and have the dueling glares of the camera and Jason's office compete for screen time.

"Can you see that?"

— Chris Lingebach (@ChrisLingebach) June 9, 2020

EB: What is that? I can't even see. Can you see that? I can't even see. That looks like a flower.

JP: Yeah. Luka looks a little bit like a wolf to me.
BISH: Yeah, she's wolf-like.
EB: Listen, I don't even like dogs and I'm lobbying for a dog beauty contest. Because I recognize that other people love 'em. Yeah, so let's do it. Dog beauty contest!
JP: How do you judge it?
EB: Let me judge it! I'm completely impartial!
DRAB: Is it our dogs? Or listener dogs?
EB: Both! I'm totally impartial. I'll tell you straight up if that dog is ugly.
Jason, who notably doesn't have his own Twitter account, eventually asked EB to tweet a photo of his dog on his behalf.

As I'm getting overwhelmed with dog pictures Lurch wanted me to post a pic of Luka.

— King (@EBJunkies) June 9, 2020

This led to EB being inundated by Junkies listeners sharing pics of their own dogs. 

Anyhow, get those pups groomed and manicured – and in tip-top shape – for The Junks' dog beauty contest, likely coming to a Facebook Live near you! After all, you know EB won't hold back his honest opinion.