Danny Rouhier's Anthony Rendon impression goes over like a lead balloon


Danny Rouhier is a professional radio host, comedian and impressionist, and manages to do all three quite well.

When it comes to the latter discipline, Rouhier slaves over his subjects – ingesting their parts of speech, mannerisms, dialect, and probably a million other idiosyncrasies a layman would never consider – making sure he has the impression mastered before he even considers bringing it to the air.

There are a few characters, in fact, Rouhier has done around the office for years – that slay every single time (except for that one time, but we don't talk about that) – that have never seen the light of day publicly.

This is all to say he takes his impressions very seriously. When he debuts a new impression, when it's finally ready for air, he's already overthought it more times than you've forgotten where you put keys.

He expects it to be a hit. He's trained for this moment, hours upon hours, tested it again and again and gone back to the drawing board to start over.

For all of those reasons, you can understand why his coworkers might take a sick bit of joy when one of his impressions fails. It wasn't supposed to go down this way. Somehow this bomb navigated past every one of Rouhier's multifold defense systems.

Which is why it brings me immense joy to present to you... Danny Rouhier's Anthony Rendon impression.

Just know, long after you've heard it, forgotten about this post and moved on with your life, Danny Rouhier will still be wrenching himself, wondering why, oh why, Ray Knight took over his brain when it was Anthony Rendon's time to shine.