Shorts vs. Awadd: Rivalry Emerges In Fiery Confrontation

By 106.7 The Fan

Awadd and Pete Medhurst launched a war of words against 106.7 The Fan's digital department this week.

Calling out the lack of digital presence at a promotional event for the station, the two, poorly thinking through their next step, lobbed accusation after unfounded accusation at their digital peers.

"I'm disappointed with the digital department yesterday," Pete said, adding at another point, "If we could get our digital department to get off their duff..."

"It should have been Lingebach" Awadd assailed.

Strange thing is, Awadd knew about the event more than a week in advance, but chose to eat chocolate cake with a local TV personality instead.

Lingebach would have his day in court, issuing a forceful on-air response that afternoon on Chad Dukes vs. The World. (0:00).

Of course that led to all-out war. The next battle would be waged on The Sports Junkies the following morning, with Shorts – representing the entire digital department – in studio to face his accusers.

And it... got... heated... (8:40)
Dukes tried his darndest to get Shorts to comment on the matter some more on his program later that afternoon. Sadly, Shorts had already been issued a gag order by station management (38:55).