Wizards 'can't' re-sign Beal if he becomes supermax-eligible

By 106.7 The Fan
The Wizards face many challenges this offseason, and one of the central questions will be how they deal with Bradley Beal.
Beal had another stellar season for an otherwise disappointing Wizards squad, averaging a career-high 25.6 points per game and making his second straight All-Star team. And if he's elected to an All-NBA team, Beal would be eligible to sign a four-year, $194 million extension this summer. 

But despite his incredible abilities, signing Beal to that type of deal would be a bad decision by the Wizards, says Candace Buckner. 

"I don't think it would be smart at all to sign Brad to that supermax, just because you can't tie up more of the upcoming salary with two players," Buckner told The Sports Junkies Tuesday. "And that's nothing against Brad Beal, but the problem is he's getting to the point where he's so good, it's a problem."
The Wizards have already signed John Wall to a four-year, $163 million supermax extension which begins next season — a season which Wall might miss the entirety of after rupturing his Achilles.

And with all that money on the books, the Wizards may have no choice but to trade Beal this offseason if he becomes supermax-eligible. 

"Other very smart people have written about this already in the market, that the first task of the (Wizards' new) GM will be making that tough decision, and moving Brad," said Buckner. "Because you can't give him that supermax if he becomes eligible."

"They want to spend more reasonably and smarter, so I would be shocked. If Brad makes All-NBA you cross that bridge at that point, but I would be shocked if they want to venture down that road again."

Of course, the Wizards still need to find Ernie Grunfeld's successor after Tim Connelly turned them down to stay with the Nuggets. 
"I was a bit surprised," Buckner said on the Connelly news. "Can't speak to the heart and mind of Ted Leonsis, but once you offer a man a contract — which the Wizards did on Sunday — I'm thinking they thought they had found their man." 

Furthermore: The three candidates -- Ferry, Sheppard, Weaver (in alphabetical order) -- are the remaining candidates.There has not been a surprise candidate to interview that no one knows about, as I understand it. https://t.co/lrW7lIGuZ5

— Candace Buckner (@CandaceDBuckner) May 20, 2019

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