John Wall posts workout photo: Encouraging or Meaningless?


John Wall may not see the court for the Wizards in the 2019-20 season. But in the gym, he's looking like a workout warrior.

A post shared by johnwall (@johnwall) on Jul 8, 2019 at 9:55am PDT
Wall, recovering from a ruptured Achilles suffered in February, posted a workout photo on Instagram Monday with the caption, "I peep the energy and I smell the doubt, but I’m going to taste the victory!!"
Wall looks like he's in terrific shape. Aside from, of course, the ruptured Achilles, which raises the question: Does this photo mean anything for the Wizards?
"Some guys wouldn't have the drive to stay in great shape throughout (their rehab)," said John "Cakes" Auville of The Sports Junkies Tuesday. "He has to stay in great shape for when he's actually back. He can't just all of a sudden, 'Ok, the Achilles is ready to go, now I'm gonna get in shape and get ready to play.'"
"I think it's encouraging because, to me, he's been prone to pack on the (pounds)," added John-Paul "JP" Flaim. "People have said sometimes that he's shown up to camp and he's tried to lose the weight in camp readying for the season. This is probably as good of shape as he's even been in, in terms of his upper body."
"Maybe the Wizards' bet is gonna pay off. The Wizards' bet seems like they're betting on John Wall to return to All-Star form. A lot of people doubt that because of the injury, and the injury is something that not many have recovered from and been the same."

"But they're clearly betting on him and betting on getting the band back together, in terms of the Wall-Beal backcourt."

Indeed, how the Wizards have handled the Bradley Beal situation indicates they're optimistic they can reunite the Wall and Beal backcourt to serve as the cornerstone of a playoff team again.
By all accounts, teams have approached the Wizards about acquiring Beal, including the Pelicans and Clippers, but Washington has indicated he's not for sale. In fact, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported in June the Wizards planned to offer Beal a three-year, $111 million extension
"I like what the Wizards are doing," said Cakes. "They're heading into next season with Rui (Hachimura), with Beal, with an assorted cast of characters around them. They're gonna tankapalooza it up and add a pretty high pick to Wall and Beal when Wall comes back healthy."
"So your core's gonna be Wall, Beal, Rui, whoever that probably top-5 pick is gonna be, and Thomas Bryant is your young, developing center. I don't hate that."

"Is that a playoff team? I don't know, probably is if all those guys stay healthy and Wall comes back at 80 to 90 percent of what he was before."

And at least judging by that photo, Wall looks determined to be as close to 100 percent when he returns to the court. Maybe the Wizards will "taste the victory" after all.

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