Robin Lopez hilariously ripped foul call: NBA 'full of theatrics and thespians… you should all be embarrassed'


When "The Long Shot" co-hosts Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid refer to something as "Stanford-level trash talk" in the NBA, they can only be talking about a handful of people. There are recent graduates KZ Okpala and Tyrell Terry, there's Mavericks big man Dwight Powell, and then there are two of the most recognizable twins in league history.

In this instance, it was a quote that Robinson recalled from Robin Lopez — as opposed to his brother and fellow Stanford alum, Brook — that had him losing his seriousness in a game and letting out a laugh. On January 9, Robinson's Heat and Lopez's Wizards faced off and, at one point, there was a whistle blown indicating a foul on Tyler Herro.

"I think it was the third quarter in Washington, Tyler goes to the basket, draws the foul," Robinson recalled on the latest episode "The Long Shot," available on RADIO.COM. "He kinda, you know, does the head back, kinda, leans into the call, definitely maybe manipulates a whistle a little bit. Just good basketball play, smart IQ."

We don't know the exact specifics, but a foul did occur around the 3-minute mark in the second quarter that seemed to fit the bill of a questionable call when reviewing the tape.

"Tyler's at the line. Mind you, there's no fans in Washington, like there aren't in many arenas, so it is dead quiet," Robinson explained, adding that while some venues pump in fan noise, especially during free throws, there was silence in this case. "Robin is sitting on the baseline — criss-cross applesauce, mind you — and he's watching. He's not in the game, he's just sitting on the baseline, and he has a very deep, clear voice.

"And it's after the first free throw, dead silence, he goes, 'this league is full of theatrics and thespians. Several of you are worthy of Oscar-level performances for what you've done tonight. You should all be embarrassed — all of you, embarrassed."

If that's not Stanford-level trash talk, then I don't know what is. So eloquently stated! That had the cadence of a Shakespearean soliloquy.

Of course, this is all Robinson's word, and we'd love to have the confirmation from Lopez — a confirmation which would hopefully be accompanied by some more brilliant quotes. But after delivering that quote, Robinson and the Wizards player he was assigned to, Jerome Robinson, couldn't help but laugh and admit that this was "par for the course" for Lopez.

Though Robinson's retelling was terrific, the one thing he couldn't replicate was the aforementioned deep, resounding voice that the Lopez brothers have. Just imagine that passionate speech about "theatrics and thespians" in this tone, and you'll have the full story.

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