Kurt Warner: 'I don't think there's anything wrong' with pulling a struggling Carson Wentz out of a game


Carson Wentz is the Eagles' guy. If that hasn't been force fed to you and isn't so deeply rooted into the wiring of your brain by now, you obviously haven't been paying attention to Doug Pederson at every single presser this season following another disappointing loss, another disappointing offensive game plan, and — *sigh* — another disappointing Carson Wentz performance.

How much longer will it take for the Eagles to go with another option this season, such as the guy who they drafted in the second round of the 2020 draft? That could be an unanswerable question, one that you'd type into your metaphorical calculator only to see an undefined result. The better question, rather, is will the Eagles go with another option this season, and from everything we've been told, that seems like a hard "no."

But it seems as though the consensus opinion thinks looking in another direction, in any other direction, might help. Many Eagles fans are pleading for it. Sports analysts and writers, including WIP's own Joe Giglio, are looking at the possibilities.

And even Hall of Fame quarterbacks are admitting that it might be a good move not only for the Eagles but for Wentz himself. Kurt Warner spoke with John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia and offered his two cents.

"I don't think there's anything wrong if Carson is struggling in a game to pull him out, put him on the sidelines, get that pressure off him, put in another guy... Jalen Hurts or whoever that is to play," Warner said. "But you have to be ready for what comes with that, and I think most coaches are afraid of what comes with that if the backup goes in and plays well. Well now what?"

Now what? Great! You stick with Jalen Hurts — "you" indicating that that's what I'd do, though that might not be what the Eagles would do — and see how it goes. If he keeps winning and puts the Eagles ahead of the all-too-wide-open NFC East race for first place, you roll with him further. He was a second-round pick. He is a "proven winner," in the words of Howie Roseman. And he could very well be the future of the franchise.

And what would you do with Wentz? That's obviously a decision that the Eagles would have to make, with many choices of which I won't speculate too much. Maybe you trade him, which Eliot Shorr-Parks reveals isn't as crazy as it sounds. And maybe, just maybe, Hurts' performance, good or bad, gives Wentz the extra fuel he needs to kick his game into another gear. The gear that we've seen before and the gear that we'd love to see again.

A win against Seattle would change things big time for Wentz. Even a loss in a close game could change things as well. But seeing as the Seahawks boast arguably the worst pass defense in the NFL — they've allowed more yards than anyone else — another complete clunker from Wentz would once again put his starting status under an intense spotlight.

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