Richard Sherman: McLaurin would be 'special' if WFT got him some help


Terry McLaurin is already a household name in the area and after two sensational seasons in Washington, the word is beginning to spread across the NFL.

Bengals legend Cris Collinsworth and 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman had new Chargers head coach Brandon Staley on their podcast and the conversation somehow pivoted to Washington Football's young star.

Sherman, who has covered the best receivers over the last decade in the NFL, and Staley, who spent last season as the Los Angles Rams defensive coordinator before getting the Chargers job, both agreed, McLaurin is a name fans should know.

“He’s really good and he plays hard all the time," Sherman said.

“I made this tape when we (Rams) played them (Washington) because he was kind of like their guy, like, they didn’t really have a lot around him, so I kind of showed them, you know kind of gassing up like (Stephon) Gilmore, and like (Darius) Slay, like some of these other guys, you know, I was like, hey now, like (Jalen) Ramsey, like I’m just telling you, this guy can freakin’ roll, he’s fast, okay,” Staley said.

“He’s faster than you think," added Sherman

“Way faster than you think,” Staley concurred. “Really good after the catch, and then, I was like, guys, he runs hard, he’s not like some of these other one’s that kind of float, and drift, I’m like, he’s running and I think that guy is really good.”

Sherman brought up the fact Washington’s supporting cast at the wide receiver position needs a boost, and then the NFL will really see what McLaurin can do when he’s not the main focus of the opposing defense.

“If he had anybody else besides him and they couldn't just double him and cloud him all the time he’d be special, but that’s the hard thing, they can’t find anybody else,” Sherman said. ”They’ve got a bunch of guys who kind of flash, but he plays hard.”

Sherman, who’s 49ers team hosted the Washington Football Team in the back-half of the 2020 season (Sherman was out with injury), easily picked up on Washington’s offensive tendencies from a defensive back’s perspective and pointed out flaws that hurt McLaurin in the game.

“When we played them, they had Alex (Smith) and Alex really wouldn’t take any shots (down the field) with him, so he just kept running, like, banana cuts and digs, we kind of were all over that, but he’s one of the better up-and-coming wideouts in the league,” Sherman added.

McLaurin will look to build upon two phenomenal years when the 2021 NFL season gets going later this fall, hopefully with more talent around him.