Hoch and Crowder Show: Darren Rovell gives a serious breakdown of In-N-Out vs Whataburger. Also, the Champ is here!

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Photo credit © Nicole Hayden | 2019 Aug 2
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In the loco hour of the showHoch introduces his friend, Unfunny Louis! After, a Ferraro side chat with Clay Ferraro.
  • Introducing Unfunny Louis
  • Clay Ferraro joined the show

In the second hour of the showUnfunny Louis AND Solana give a weather report. After, Rob Pizzola joined the show.

In the third hour of the showESPN host and Miami native, Jorge Sedano, joins the show to talk about the Heat and talks with Errol Spence Jr. After, Darren Rovell breaks down In-N-Out vs Whataburger.

In the fourth hour of the showOmar Kelly joins the show to talk Dolphins and we laugh at Crowder's "Uh-oh".