Hoch and Crowder Show: Different reactions from Omar Kelly and Randy Moller after telling them we love them

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By 790 The Ticket
In the loco hour of the showHoch reminisces about Wide Right 2 on this day in 1992 and Don Bailey Jr joins the show for new list of calls for VaTech.

In the second hour of the showHoch and Crowder talk to professional sports gambler, Rob Pizzola. After, Randy Moller joins the show.

In the third hour of the showOmar Kelly joins the show and says he wants to be considered as the beat writer who will save a life AND HE LOVES US!!!

  • Percy smokin dat doobie
  • Omar Kelly joined the show

In the fourth hour of the showWe play Vic’s montage to get hyped for UM and VaTech. After, Hoch and Crowder call out Solana for saying Tyler Herro is a dark horse for ROY. 

  • Hyped for VaTech
  • Tyler Herro ROY