Hoch and Crowder: Florida Panthers exec. Doug Cifu calls out Hoch for his criticism of ice cream cake

Crowder with pitbull and Zion blanket

Today was a BIG day for the Hoch and Crowder show!


Channing Crowder returned after a month long paternity leave and shared the gift Solana sent Baby Chaz that is giving Crowder nightmares.

Here is the gift I sent @OfficialCrowder for baby Chaz ---- pic.twitter.com/lzU5vxZ3ih

— Alejandro Solana (@AlexMSolana) July 20, 2020

Florida Panthers exec. Doug Cifu took issue with Hoch dissing ice cream cake and called him out on twitter.

Marc I can handle criticism of the Panthers, but as I guy who began my career as an ice cream chef in Syosset making Cookie Puss cakes at Carvel you’re just wrong my friend. This is a pure masterpiece. I await your retraction. pic.twitter.com/UqGPTLsL4Q

— Doug Cifu (@Dougielarge) July 20, 2020

Brady Quinn joined the show to talk about the likelihood of a college football season but also told us a hilarious story of when he shot a bizarre commercial for Subway.


And of course JFig had her latest searing pain movie review!


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