Hoch and Crowder: Celebrating a monumental weekend for a local legend

Daniel Berger
Photo credit © Raymond Carlin III | 2020 Jun 14
By 790 The Ticket
In the Loco hour of the show: Two giant celebrations to kick off the show: Crowder returns after the birth of his child and D. Berger wins at Colonial! After, Kurt Helin joins the show to talk about the NBA’s return.


In the second hour of the show: Hoch and Crowder talk to Dr. Chuck Metzger about the rising coronavirus numbers in South Florida. After, Hoch rants about his hate for Jack Black.


In the third hour of the show: Hoch and Crowder are rattled after Coach Katie Meier calls them out for making fun of the WNBA. After, Safid Deen joins the show to talk about Tua and his healing hip.


In the fourth hour of the show: We discuss the breaking news from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. After, JFig reviews ‘Back to the Future 2 and 3.’


Best of the Hoch and Crowder show: Celebrating a BIG win for Hoch’s favorite golfer. After, Katie Meier rattles Hoch and Crowder and we revisit the origins of Sat Yo Ass Down.