Hoch and Crowder Show: Rename the stadium ‘Dwyane Wade’s House’!

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Photo credit © Robert Mayer | 2014 Jun 10
By , 790 The Ticket
In the loco hour of the showHoch reads a stat about that Tannehill that is unbelievable. After, Mike Inglis joins the show for 15 minutes of Heat and Hoch is enamored with Charlie Puth.

In the second hour of the showAn important PSA about loading dishwashers. After, Ryan Fitzpatrick stories from his former teammate and current Bills analyst, Eric Wood.

In the third hour of the showWe play the DBJ calls from Saturday vs Louisville and play Cheers to. After, Joe Zagacki joins the show.

In the fourth hour of the showHoch gets angry at Solana for referencing Myspace for absolutely no reason. After, we revisit the staggering Tannehill stat.