Hoch and Crowder Show: Safid Deen clarifies “Giggle Gate” and we debut a new Marconi Award winning game show

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By 790 The Ticket
In the loco hour of the show: Amazing audio of Brian Flores snapping on Safid Deen during today’s press conference and Hoch reveals his preferred remedy to get rid of the hiccups. After, NBA analyst, Ric Bucher, joins the show and shows love to the Miami Heat.


In the second hour of the show:  Hoch is annoyed by Solana’s music choice today and Crowder doesn’t get why there’s Inter Miami “news”. After, Rob Pizzola joins the show.


In the third hour of the show:  More info on ‘Giggle Gate’ thanks to Safid Deen’s co-worker, Omar Kelly, who joins the show. After, the debut of the best game show ever played on the show and after hours of trying to track him down, Safid Deen, joins the show to clarify the spat from today's press conference between him and Brian Flores.


In the fourth hour of the show:  The show is forced to switch studios because of the Heat pregame show so… we’re back on 560! We revisit the greatness (we think) that was, Turkey or Hoch, and look for something to bet on tonight.