Hoch and Crowder Show: HOFer Warren Moon reminisces with Crowder on their first meeting back in 2005

Warren Moon
Photo credit © SIPA USA | 2006 Oct 30
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Best of the Hoch and Crowder show: Crowder kicks off the show with an Amar’e Stoudemire strip club story. After, Warren Moon joins the show and reminisces with Crowder on their first meeting.


In the Loco hour of the show: In honor of the first night of Passover, Crowder shares a story of him and Amar’e Stoudemire at a strip club. After, Steve Goldstein gets a helping hand from the Florida Panthers.


In the second hour of the show: We play a few of the all-time banger songs produced for the show. After, Will Manso defends his ‘Tiger King’ hate.


In the third hour of the show: Listeners tell us what they’ve been watching during the quarantine. After, Warren Moon and Crowder reminisce on their first meeting back in 2005.


In the fourth hour of the show: Hoch takes issue with Nick Saban talking about technology. After, JFig takes the life out of Hoch with another movie review.