Tobin and Leroy: Building a Dam!

Dreidger Beaver
Photo credit Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
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Driedger Beaver does it again! Building a dam in the net. Heat Dak vs Tua debate. Tyler Herro coming back soon? Boston Globe writer thinks that Coronavirus limiting lockerroom access will be the first domino to the media getting kicked out forever.

Woj says its very possible to have NBA games without fans. Brian Ortega in trouble for slapping J Park. Damage is Done my Friend.

The Tua trade up argument wont go away. More draft talk. Could the Coronavirus cancel the NFL Draft and make them do it by phone?

Leroy goes off on BWA complaining about limited lockerroom access. Pat Riley says at the Gala that the Heat will be tougher when they get healthy. Zaslow and Amber are late which means bonus segment.


Tobin and Robbie recap Episode 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm.