Tobin and Leroy: Fourth of July Parlay

Hot Dog Eating
Photo credit © Sam Greene via Imagn Content Services, LLC

We are all in this together, players have to be courteous to eachother and protect from COVID-19 whether the NBA or NFL. What happens if golf is all we have on FOX? 

What's Tua doing this July Fourth? Any little dominio could mean a whole lot! Waffles or pancakes? We talk preferences, texters chime in. José Quintanas injury leads to left thumb surgery, won't be throwing for two weeks. Robbie will be doing a disservice to South Florida if he goes to Las Vegas with NO witnesses. JFig settles an on going debate. Leroy mentions his croquetas tweet... he explains his experience. 

The hour starts with things getting political. Magnificent 7 gets Robbie excited and talkin' magnifico, the 2020 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is all we have on our minds! Texter starts a discussion towards Leroy.  


Robbie is FLOORED due to "false" comment. "Butterflies aren't metal," Fifteen minutes of Heat turn into movies with JFig. Leroy gives out his July Fourth of July menu.